In the current financial climate, a comprehensive understanding of the risk and opportunity inherent in your business venture or project is crucial. By understanding the certainty and exposure around cost, benefits and schedule, intelligent and informed decisions can be made regarding investment options and ongoing delivery.

We align risk awareness with programme and project objectives, allocate risk appropriately, drive timely decision-making and focus management activity on critical areas. Detailed cost and schedule analyses evaluate the likelihood of achieving key dates, indicate budget resilience, and develop appropriate risk contingency allowances.

Our approach ensures you are in control of strategic, programme, project and operational risks throughout the development lifecycle, providing: a focus on critical success factors confidence in the selection of cost-effective options compliance with corporate governance and regulatory requirements improved communication and understanding of uncertainty at all levels.

Risk and opportunities are comprehensively recorded, valued and mitigated. For risk activities which are defined, mitigation is applied via Reduce, Avoid, Accept or Transfer - (RAAT) Each mitigation is carefully and clearly planned and tailored to the Client’s requirements.

Within the Project Management Plan, Risk is confirmed by:

  • Identify Risk
  • Perform Qualitative Analysis
  • Perform Quantitative Analysis
  • Risk responses / mitigation

The Project Execution Plan will provide for a Monitor and control function as well as a process to review project status for new risks.
The Opportunities Project Management Plan allows for all potential savings (time / cost or both) to be identified and applied at the appropriate point in the schedule.