Providing our clients with critical construction claims expertise to help them secure the best resolution possible.

Cost/Quantum Analysis - Construction contract audits and project control reviews.

Our Vanguard professionals have performed construction contract audits and project control reviews across a number of projects. These reviews seek to identify the correct allocation and identification of project costs as well as the identification of costs which have been allocated to a project incorrectly or inappropriately. Vanguard can also ensure that costs are reviewed and reconciled against project budgets to provide a detailed analysis of overspend, misallocation and areas of under recovery.

Vanguard has extensive experience in the maximisation of formal claims and contract variations, ensuring that all relevant costs, preliminaries, head office overhead, cost escalation, equipment costs are considered and included to maximise returns for contractors and subcontractors. Equally Vanguard have also reviewed submitted contractor claims received by clients to ensure proper entitlement with a view to ensuring only valid costs are considered/certified. The costs associated with any project delay/overrun can be easily quantified by our Consultants including lost profits and increased costs.

Damages Analysis - Identifying the root causes of cost overruns or inefficiencies, and isolating the impact of specific events or actions on direct and indirect costs.

Construction Cost and Programme Services
Schedule/Programme Analysis - Analysis of the as-planned and as-built schedules as well as contract records to determine the cause of each delay and identify the associated impact and liabilities. Our efforts are focused on identifying the root causes of cost overruns or inefficiencies. When reviewing claims prepared by the opposition, our experts perform an in-depth evaluation of the methodologies employed in the claims calculations, including a critical examination of the supporting documentation.